About us

About Aviation Medical Center

Why choose AMC:

  • Specialist in medical and psychological examinations
  • More than 25 years of international experience in aviation industry
  • Iso 9001 certificate
  • Web-bases assessment method (GPSS)
  • Personal approach and 24/7 service

Since its establishment in 1999, Aviation Medical Center has developed into one of the leading medical and psychological examination institutes in the aviation industry. AMC carries out medical examinations in the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, England, Finland, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, South Africa and Switzerland.

International requirements

The aviation medical examinations are carried out in accordance with current medical requirements for civil aviation flight crews and air traffic controllers. Medical examinations in other countries such as Australia, the United States and Canada are carried out in accordance with the requirements of their respective national aviation authorities.

Fully authorized examiners

All aviation medical and psychological examinations are carried by an enthusiastic team of fully authorized Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs), nurses, vision-care specialists, psychologists and coaches. The AMC headoffice is located at Maastricht Airport.

Collaboration with CAE

CAE has signed a collaboration agreement with AMC and has opened an air medical center inside the CAE Center Amsterdam building.

This offers the opportunity for pilots to have a medical examination between training sessions, so no extra “medical time” is needed during normal flight operations of the pilot. Pilots receive their medical certificate immediately after the examination.

In collaboration with the Aviation Medical Center, CAE now introduces air medical and psychological services. AMC has been carrying out aviation-medical tests in all classes since 1999, including the initial medical checks for the EASA, F.A.A., CAA Canada and C.A.S.A. Australia. These medicals have been implemented by a team of fully authorized Aeromedical Examiners, nurses and vision-care specialists. The aero medical examiner checks to ensure that the pilot complies with all criteria set by the EASA. The Aeromedical Examiners assesses the mental and physical condition of the pilot, using all prescribed tests.


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