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If you wish to work on your personal development coaching can be helpful. Coaching helps you obtain insight into your current performance and work actively on your personal skills. During the course of a number of sessions you work in a confidential environment with your coach to discover your obstacles and learn new ways of thinking and dealing with situations and/or feelings. You push back your limits, thus opening up new possibilities.

What do you want and what possibilities do you have? How do you turn them as quickly as possible into a measurable result? Our coaches have years of experience in aviation and so work with you to find  effective solutions. You agree on the number of sessions in advance.

We are an independent organization. Participation in coaching sessions is never reported to your employer, nor does it have any consequences for future job applications.


If you need advice or a second opinion about something and you want someone to look at your situation with an objective view you can turn to an aviation psychologist via email. This gives you the advantage of taking your time to organize your thoughts. Writing things out of your system can be very enlightening! You yourself can determine how intensively you wish to maintain email contact. It could be that you quickly obtain insight into the approach to your problems, but you might also want to invest more time in this. We aim to respond quickly to your question. We will reply to your email within 5 days at the most.

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