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Psychological examinations

For several decades now the AMC psychologists have carried out psychologial examinations relating to various positions in airline companies and flying schools.

The right person for the job
AMC has a unique web-based assessment system which gives the opportunity to test candidates all over the world. This reliable and validated assessment system is specifically designed for the aviation sector for determining the level of a candidate. So you can be sure that the candidate will be competent for the job.

High quality
Their experience together with the psychologists’ respectable familiarization with flying and the aviation sector guarantees high quality and extensive knowledge. This knowledge is kept up to date through memberships in Dutch and European Aviation Associations: Human Factors Advisory Group and European Association for Aviation Psychology.

24/7 service
AMC provides a range of both standard and fully customized services to fit your wishes. You, the customer, determine the content and can be sure of a customized recommendation. Our psychologists work 24/7 in order to serve our customers around the world. Urgently required selection assessments can ordinarily be carried out within 48 hours.


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