Competency-oriented selection

Competency-oriented selection

Employment selection and career surveys are important fields to which competency-oriented assessments can be applied within the aviation industry. Working with competencies has the advantage of being immediately apparent to the assessor. After all, competencies are specific behavioral traits that people demonstrate during the execution of their work and are the results of their characteristics such as abilities, personality features and other characteristics.

Advantages of competency-oriented selection

In order to determine whether someone has certain competencies we observe their behavior. By doing so we can also look into the future, because the principle of predicting behavior is that behavior demonstrated in the past is the best predictor of future behavior. This is not so strange; people demonstrate regular behavior. The better these competencies dovetail with the competencies required for the task, the better the person will function.

Competency-oriented selection has another main advantage over traditional psychological tests. The latter still speaks in terms of personality features, knowledge and aptitude, while competency-oriented selection requires no interpretation. Competencies are already job-related and translated into practice in advance. It is a clear and highly reliable system.

Ideal competency assessments comprise tests, an interview, personality questionnaires and assessment center exercises. Demonstrated behavior is recorded and assessed by trained assessors.

Highly validated tests

For these assessments Aviation Medical Center uses instruments specially developed for the aviation industry. The face validity of these tests is therefore very high. The material has been validated through close collaboration with the Dutch airline companies. Candidates are actually already assessed on the basis of standards set by the companies.

So the right people are put in the right places.


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