Fear of flying course

Although flying is a safe way of travelling, someone who is afraid of flying experiences it very differently. That is why Onbezorgdvliegen.nl has signed a collaboration agreement with AMC to start fear of flying courses on a new and diffenrent way. The fear of flying courses of Onbezorgdvliegen.nl are given by experienced psychologists of the Aviation Medical Center.

Aviation Medical Center
For many years now, this medical institute has been providing medical and psychological services for people who fly or are going to fly. These services include anxiety courses and psychological support, as well as vaccinations, psychological tests and medical examinations for pilots, flight crews and anyone else who has close ties to the aviation sector. The Aviation Medical Center can also help you, as a traveller, if you want to fly to a holiday destination but are anxious about flying.

What does this mean for you?
For you, this means that you will be working with the Aviation Medical Center’spsychologists who exclusively work with people who want to fly or are already flying. They are well aware of what fear of flying is, how you feel and what can be done about it. The problem will be tackled together with a group of other people who are also afraid of flying. Don’t let fear govern your life. Experience the freedom of being able to do what you really want to do. Worry-free flying.

Fear of flying course
During the course, the Aviation Medical Center’s psychologists provide insight into what causes fear. It may, for example, be caused by ‘what if’thoughts like: “What will happen if the plane suddenly begins to vibrate severely? Will everything be okay? Does the pilot have control of the plane?” These thoughts alone can make you feel afraid. Your fear becomes worse because you are in a cabin that you cannot simply walk out of and you feel totally dependent on the pilot. In brief, you feel that you no longer have control of your situation and this leads to more fear.

After you have discovered how your fear arises, the Aviation Medical Center’s psychologists will show you how you can combat your fear in a simple way. The solution lies within you, and you can call on it by exerting influence on your fear and by learning how to keep your fear under control. To this end, it is important to separate fact ¬- “vibrations and strange noises are part of flying” – from fiction - “what was that? Something’s going wrong”.

During the fear of flying course you will learn that you no longer need to be swept up by your fear or feelings of anxiety. You will be taught specific and tried and tested techniques to control or alter your fear and yourself. Finally, the essence of the course is to show you how to face your fearand how to control it


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