GPSS (Global pilot selection system)

Aviation is a dynamic world. The pilots skills and even more their aptitude and personality will make the difference. Pilots will have to convert from one type to another, from one seat to another. The cockpit will be even more advanced than today. In the new decade we will fly a different type of aeroplane, have different operations, requiring a different kind of pilot. Adjust in time.

Find the right pilot

With GPSS you will find the right people for the job. This internet based test system enables you to make decisions based on objective and valid data. Choosing GPSS means choosing a reliable, valid, user-friendly and fast information-gathering system. GPSS tests and questionnaires are adjusted to the level of experience of the pilot to be. Norms are developed specifically for experienced pilots and Ab Initio pilots. Selection prior to flight training is essential for operational excellence.

GPSS test are available for experienced pilots or Ab Initio pilots.


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