Medical examinations

Selection ab-initio pilots

The ability of your Flight Training Organisation to maintain competitive advantage will rely more and more upon your ability to select the right people for your Flight Training Organisation. But how can this best be achieved and what is the typical profile of a successful pilot?

AMC has developed a test battery comprising a balanced selection procedure that covers the required areas: cognitive level, flying aptitude and personality. These tests enable you to distinguish among students on several key features.

Assessing qualities of ab-initio pilots

Flying a plane is a complex and demanding job, hence the test battery contains 14 tests assessing different qualities. The content of this battery is a result of scientific research and considerable consultation with pilots and managers from several large airlines. Moreover, because the test battery is competence based, each test contains questions that require the application of knowledge (aviation related questions) and the retention of knowledge (school related questions).

No additional costs

Experts have developed this web-based test battery that enables you to execute the entire procedure yourself from your home office. No difficult planning with external bureaus, or interference from third parties. You will be able to offer a state of the art selection procedure without the investment of additional manpower, thus maintaining control over your own organisation. All you have to do is: provide the candidate with a computer, log in to the system and wait for the report.

This will be replaced by the SWF.


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