Selection for airline companies

Selection assessments for airline companies

The ability of your airline to maintain its competitive advantage will rely more and more upon your ability to select the right people for the job. But how can this best be achieved and what is the typical profile of a successful pilot?

AMC is specialized in selecting pilots but also has extensive experience in various other positions. The content of the selection process is always fully geared to the job requirements and the culture of the organization. We determine the competencies together with you and agree on the report structure and delivery times.

Unique web-based testing with GPSS

The AMC has a fully digital and web-based testing system specifically designed for the aviation sector for determining the level of a candidate. This system, the Global Pilot Selection System (GPSS), is a validated and reliable test battery that can be adjusted and geared to every aviation selection issue.

Selection assessments usually comprise the following elements:

  • Intellectual level assessment
  • Ability assessment
  • Personality assessment
  • Reporting
Intellectual level assessment

Intellectual skills are a good prediction of success. Candidates with a satisfactory intellectual level are not only more successful in the courses they take, but also demonstrate improved problem-solving skills after their training.

Ability assessment

The ability assessment provides better insight into competencies with respect to practical skills. The purpose of the ability assessment is to chart sensomotoric skills such as eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation and memory capacity.

Personality assessment

The personality assessment comprises various components: a competency-oriented interview, assessment center exercises, cases and personality questionnaires. During the competency-oriented interview candidates are assessed by a psychologist based on set criteria.


The entire examination is concluded with a comprehensible competency-oriented report. The results are reflected in a clear profile accompanied by explanatory notes. A clear recommendation is made as regards the candidate’s suitability.


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